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Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights are all considered Intellectual Property and they give creative individuals exclusive rights to use, sell and profit from their ideas. These exclusive rights are meant to prevent others from copying, building, or profiting from your protected ideas or technology.

Patents protect mechanical and electrical devices and processes. A patent only protects you in the country where your patent is granted. In order to gain a patent you have to establish that the invention is new and unique. A patent lasts for 20 years. After that time, the invention passes into the public domain where everyone is allowed to produce or use the invention.

Many products are sold and/or licensed before the patent is ever granted. In order to gain patent pending status, you must apply for a Provisional, Utility, Process, or Design Patent. A Provisional application is the most inexpensive and allows the inventor one year before converting the application into a Utility Patent application.

Trademarks are words, logos, or other distinctive features, which can be represented graphically and can be important in distinguishing goods or services of one product from another. Trademarks consist of artistic symbols or words used to identify products. Trademark registration can be obtained at the State or Federal level and can be indefinite as long as the product is in use.

Copyright is the exclusive right of an individual to create and use literary or artistic works. It can protect art, computer software, text, music, or works of architecture. It protects the form or expression of a work rather than the idea underlying it. It lasts for the life of the author plus 75 years. A copyright is automatically created when the work is created, but can be registered to add additional legal protection.

Quest International, Inc. has been assisting inventors and businesses in gaining patents for over 38 years. Patent applications are handled as a technical writing project and are provided so that you may file your own application, allowing you to save thousands of dollars. I do not provide legal advice or representation. I can however assist you in filling out the patent forms and showing you how to file your own application. Although most applications result in a patent, I can not guarantee the success of your patent or your products success in the market place.

All applications include Patent Search, Written Specifications, Drawings, Forms, Assistance, and Step by Step Instructions for filing your own application.
Patent office fees are not included. Call or e-mail for current patent office fees or visit

Provisional Patent Applications  $250
Design Patent Applications  $350
State Trademark Applications  $100
Copyright Applications $100