Quest International, Inc. has been working with entrepreneurs and creative inventors for over 38 years developing and protecting new ideas and offers you the resources, tools and experience you need to protect your ideas and succeed in taking your product or service to market.

How to be a success:

1. Success requires you to stay focused and aquire the resources needed. Make a plan and adapt as needed, but always keep your eye on the goal.

2. It's easy to get distracted and lose site of your goals, so find the inspiration you need. Define your goals and know the steps that will get you there.

3. We sometimes need help to stay on target and succeed. Find the tools to keep you on target.  Know who you can turn to for help and inspiration .

4. Create daily prompts and reminders to help you achieve success. Learn to believe that you deserve success and you will succeed.

5. Use your resources and tools. Plan for success but understand that there will be lessons along the way. Success takes time and determination. 

The Success Program

Quest International, Inc. offers Success Programs customized to assist you in understanding and overcoming specific weaknesses and to understand and use your strengths. This allows you to focus on a specific plan of action to achieve your desired success. Success Programs are designed to offer you all the required resources you need to succeed and offer a step by step guide to hit specific targets.

Individual consideration is given to overcoming any mental attitudes as well as the more obvious business obstacles. Believing that you can be a success is as important as doing the work to become a success. Success Programs offer a complete assessment wherein a plan is created with you in mind and designed for you to see specific goals completed. Believing you will succeed is an important step in your overall success.

My Success Tools Include:

Success Planning and Goal Achievement Programs

Intellectual Property Protection

Personal and Virtual Coaching

Business and Marketing Plans

Business Support Programs

Website Design, Marketing, and Hosting

Business Start-Up Programs

Video and Commercial Production

Graphic Design, Printing, Packaging Design

Marketing Programs

Product Licensing Agreements

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