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Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property can include Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets and give you exclusive rights to use, sell and profit from your ideas. Quest International, Inc. has 38 years of experience in intellectural property protection.

Website Design & Hosting

Your on-line presence can be the most important tool your company can use. Most potential customers will visit your website before doing business. If you are not on-line, they can't find you. 
Business Services

Success requires the tools to build the foundation and the structure that will allow your success to grow. In order to grow your company, product or service.

Quest International, Inc. offers in-house expertise in: Intellectual Property Protection,
New Product Development, Product Licensing, Technical Writing, Industrial Design, 
Web Site Design, Marketing success.


Business is unforgiving. If you don't have the right resources you fail. If you don't believe in yourself, and your product or service, you fail.

Educational Resources

Quest International, Inc. offers numerous books to assist and educate you.                                   
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Quest International, Inc. was created to assist entrepreneurs and inventors by offering an alternative to marketing agencies, expensive patent attorneys and product marketing groups as seen on TV. After developing and licensing my own products, I realized that inventors needed resources to help themselves, so I created Quest International, Inc.

Quest International, Inc. offers Intellectual Property Protection, Creative and Technical Writing, Graphic Design Services, Web Site Design, Business Consulting, and more.
Quest International, Inc. has been helping Entrepreneurs and Inventors realize their dreams for over 38 years by providing quality and affordable business services.